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The Flight Crew has been an integral part of the Prosper Eagles every football season.  On game day, Boys and Girls in grades Kindergarten - 5th, get to run with the Eagles on to the field before each game.  

During the week, each Flight Crew Member gets to interact with a player from the team by sending and receiving a letter to/from their Prosper Eagle.    

We would like to thank our 2018 Flight Crew team in helping the Prosper Eagles to victory each and every week of the season.  


Below are some of the stories and pictures shared by parents of their son and/or daughter, Flight Crew experiences:


What a super COOL experience tonight for Mason!! We signed him up for “Flight Crew” where a Prosper HS football player sent letters to Mason at school and at every home game, Mason got to run through the tunnel with the PHS players, that was awesome!! Tonight was “meet the players” night, so he got to meet his awesome pen pal and all the JV and Varsity players!!! they played crazy fun big boys vs little boys football, ate pizza and has an amazing time! Mason literally didn’t want to leave! The PHS boys were so interactive, I was impressed with how respectful and engaging they were with the boys!!  Fist Bump to the players, coaches & families raising such fine young men!!  Joshua was such an incredible role model for Mason, you should be so proud, you are raising a great young man! I was stoked to know Mason got a player whose family we already knew!!  - Tana Webb

Special thanks to the PHS Flight Crew Organizers for allowing my son Jostein Clarke (#9 WR) to partner with his sister, Landowyn Clarke. This was an absolutely amazing experience for them and our family.

Frankly, she has been cheering and sporting a cheer uniform for every team Jostein has played since she was six months old as a (little league football player). Jostein penned the most heartfelt letters to thank her (Landowyn) each week which were not only emotional but inspiring. As a parent it brought tears to me and my husband's eyes to grasp the gravity of their sibling connection! 

Landowyn has decided to keep each letter as well created a personal 'journal journey' of her big brother's football memories thus far. She is no doubt one of his biggest fans while he is her biggest inspiration - cheering when he wins and even tears when he loses. Sports has created a connection that they both will chatter, chuckle, & cherish...

Brayden loves Flight Crew.  It was really cool getting encouraging notes from his buddy Eli (82).  Made Game Day a lot of fun and getting to meet up and have pizza was awesome!  

Our daughter has had a blast participating in the the Flight Crew program.

Her buddy is Dylan Harrison #20 and he has been a wonderful role model and has sent her over 6 letters.

Our son has had such a great flight crew experience! He’s loved it and has become close friends with his varsity buddy and his family!  Here’s some pics. Devoncy Malloy has been a real encouraging influence on our son. He has been so supportive and attended Riley’s football games the last two years. Every mom would love their son to look up to someone like Devoncy!  

My son, Carter Fielding, getting kicking pointers from Cade York, his flight crew buddy.